Juliana House Cleaning Services



Below is an overview of the services Juliana House Cleaning Services provides. At Juliana House Cleaning Services, we have been proving quality services serving in La Crosse, Onalaska, and West Salem areas since 2006 with many satisfied customers.


Regular Cleaning for typical household
Our customers typically request a regular cleaning on the day of your choice on every other week (such as every other Friday). The regular cleaning includes vacuuming carpets, wiping floors, dusting off shelves and furniture, wiping window and door trims, cleaning bathroom and kitchen, and other areas as necessary. We will provide all cleaning supplies, unless the customer specifically requests us to use their own supplies. We also respect and follow any specific instructions if the customer wants us to follow their own way of cleaning. Just let us know when we make the first appointment with you. All rates depend on the household. Once you call us with your interest, we will make an appointment with you for a free estimation. We consider all aspects of house cleaning such as square footage, room condition, and pets when considering the price.


Weekly Cleaning for more busy household
For a household with growing children, frequent guests, or active animals, a weekly cleaning might be what you need.  Our customers typically request a cleaning on the day of your choice in a week.  See the descriptions for Regular Cleaning above for more information.


Seasonal / Moving Out Cleaning
If you like us to provide a seasonal deep cleaning or one-time moving out cleaning, we are happy to assist you. We will make an appointment with you for a free estimation, where you can explain the specific work order to us.